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Our Services


Whether it is a jersey, medal, sword or a cherished memento that you would like to preserve and display, let us help you. We will help you immortalise and transform your memento into a work of art that you can proudly display.

Glass Works

We offer glass works like kitchen backsplash, glass frames, glass boxes and more!


We offer more than over 500 high-quality frames, which can be mixed and matched with countless mat boards, textiles and glazing options to fit your individual style and requirements for your paintings!

Glass Box

An ideal way for showcasing your art piece, sculpture, jewelry, or any prized collectible will be Glass or Acrylic Box Display! It can be viewed and appreciated from all angles.


Installation & Delivery

Our contractors are full time professional art handlers and installers who are highly skilled in handling bulky and valuable framed works. We can also offer advise on artwork placement and display height to suit your surroundings. Do enquire with us for a quote for Installation Service!

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