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100% Hand Crafted
Photo Frames


E Abdul Kareem started the framing business in 1969 at Upper Serangoon Road. The framing skill and business
was then passed down to his son, Mr Farook in 1985.

Since then, Mr Farook has been a specialist in framing services for over 40 years in Ang Mo Kio. 

With plenty of knowledge and experience in framing, you can trust us to preserve your artwork.
We will guide you by hand through the entire design process and even go the extra mile to
explain the pros, cons, strengths & differences in a huge range of materials.


Throughout the last 40 years, We have also been helping many of our returning customers to
replace their frames or broken glass.

We specialise in framing all kinds of artwork items:

Framing of Artwork

• Photo framing of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Oil Painting, Stretching and Floating.

• 2 Sided Acrylic Certificate or Posters Display.

• Shadow Box Framing, Cross Stitch and Gemstones Painting 

• All kinds of Fabric Framing like Jersey Shirt or Art Cloth

• Jewels Framing such as Money Currencies or Dolls Framing

• Mirror with Bevelling Framing 

Glass Work

• All kinds of Glass Work such as Table Top Glass (Tempered), Kitchen Backsplash Work, Wall Mirror Installation.

Glass Box

• All kinds of Box Work such as Glass or Acrylic Boxes.

• Apart from framing services, we also involve in Famous Oil and Modern Art Painting, importation of Antique Wood Furniture, as well as all kinds of Signage Work.

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